Partnering with Oasis

We see those who become a part of Oasis as family, and as partners. Partnership is something that we both belong to and work for. Firstly, we of course belong to God and secondly, we belong to one another in answering Jesus’ pray that we should be one. When we belong to something we commit the best of our resources to it, which includes our skills, our time and our finances.

Our desire at Oasis is to make disciples of Jesus and to release people into their calling and to make the most of their gifting. As we grow as individuals we also grow as a church, which means that we can better increase the influence of the Kingdom of Heaven into our community.

Partnering with Others

We partner with other ministries and charities because we believe in helping in areas that we are passionate about. Here are those we are currently supporting…

Fairtrade Foundation

Christians Against Poverty

Village of Hope (Estonia)

Hope for Justice

Kintsugi Hope