The church can only move forward in and through prayer. Oasis is a people who are passionate about prayer and who pray passionately. Prayer is at the very heart of everything we do, yet we still want to increase prayer as we become a praying people as individuals who walk with the Holy Spirit.

Prayer will happen during every group that meets, plus in our weekly intercession zoom prayer time (8:30 am on Tuesdays) and also in our monthly prayer gathering (7 pm first Friday of the month). The monthly prayer gathering is a call for the whole church to join together as we experience powerful and beautiful encounter with our God.

We also join with our wider Elim Movement whenever the national prayer team – called simply ‘Elim Prayer‘ – hosts prayer events. These are usually on Youtube or Facebook.

An annual retreat is a day away that we take to pray together as a church. These have been very rewarding and enriching times both with God and with one another.

For further details, please call the church office on 01843 867845