On May 15th Pentecost Sunday we helped to make local church history in the village of St. Peter’s. Three churches, Elim Oasis Church, The Baptist Church and Beaconsfield Christian Fellowship all closed their doors for the main Sunday morning service, so that these churches could meet together as one in unity at the Parish Anglican Church. All four churches were involved in the service and unity was felt amongst us – it is certainly good when brother’s and sister’s live together in unity!
June see’s us continue making local church history in St. Peter’s. It may well be as far back as St. Augustine himself around 600 AD that a mission team last came to the village of St. Peter’s. Impact England mission week (June 18th-26th) brings together a team from Texas in the USA to work alongside the same four local churches — how very exciting! We have been preparing our hearts through prayer and by abiding in God, and this lifestyle is essential as we begin rolling our sleeves up for this missions week.