It was so wonderful to have our first water baptisms since becoming the Pastor at Elim Oasis Church in Broadstairs. Ben and Mandy have been raised to new life in Christ, having accepted Jesus’ offer of salvation they decided to be obedient to the great commission and to follow his example by being baptised by full immersion in water; and what better day could there be in the Christian calendar than Easter Sunday to do so as we celebrated Jesus resurrection to life.

Water baptism was a very special and significant moment when Jesus himself was baptised in this way, with the Father speaking out his pleasure of his Son and the Holy Spirit alighting upon and affirming Jesus. A real Trinitarian moment in scripture. It is also a special and significant step in one’s discipleship growth today. So if you are a disciple of Jesus and have not been baptised in water what is stopping you?

Those of us who have been through the waters of baptism then what a blessing and encouragement to us to witness such wonderful services and moments. It is also a reminder of the step we took and the promise we made to follow Jesus. He is ever faithful and continues to walk with us through the love and power of the Holy Spirit. So let’s be disciples on his mission!

Well done Ben and Mandy. Thankfully the water was nice a warm!