This attached picture on this blog introduces some new friends I made this summer. They are all handicapped and have been placed into a remote outcast village in India. One has a leg missing, another has stumps for fingers after suffering from leprosy, one has a withered arm and the other 2 are blind. It was both humbling and a privilege to have visited then in their homes which are little more than rundown sheds for us in first world countries.

The team I travelled with took medical aid and practical hands on nursing to these poorest of people. The whole village of 72 dwellings were offered spiritual help through prayer and a gospel message of hope in Jesus, and physical help through a food that we supplied as well as blankets for warmth as the colder weather approaches. Sounds like the gospel to me!

They sang a song during a time of worship which when translated for me had the lyric “without Jesus we are poor”. Makes you think doesn’t it. Please pray for them and the great work that the Church of Pentecost is doing in India.