Our Values set out the principles of our local church expression. They intentionally create a culture of expectation for God to move amongst us, they set out how we intend to behave, and they demonstrate God’s love to one another and to those in our local community.

When we grasp how much God desires to know us and the lengths he has gone and still does go to, to make himself available to us; then surely we must long to know him and desire to encounter him. We are to love God first, above all things, by simply spending time with him.

It is not about the quantity of serving that we do but it is entirely about the quality of our service. It is out of knowing him and receiving from him that we are empowered to serve where he has placed us, by bringing our resources through wholehearted and loyal commitment. Humble service should be constantly applied across every aspect of our lives.

All it takes to ignite fresh hope and purpose within us is some encouragement. It’s important to recognise when someone attempts to put their faith in God and to encourage them regardless of the result. Mistakes are allowed, they are part of discipleship after all, and are not failure. Failure is to not get up again after a fall! We can all be encouragers of others in their walk with God, lifting each other up so we can become all that we are meant to be.

Things that are worthy deserve honour. As we honour Jesus and his Kingdom then we create space for his life and for heavenly things to dwell amongst us. As we honour each other by recognising individual calling we can equip and release people into the destinies. This will enhance our lives and enable the Kingdom of God to expand. God honoured us by sending Jesus and so we must also learn to honour. Therefore: everybody is welcome and nobody is judged!

The beatitudes are a pronouncement concerning those who are blessed and this is true despite what circumstances may say. We must therefore also demonstrate this to others by being a generous blessing to them. We replicate the blessings that God shows to us by offering mercy, by living in purity, by reconciling, by refusing to compromise from God’s standards and by calling God’s favour upon people.

As we grow spiritually and mature we are to excel in character and behaviour. God loves us too much to leave us the way we are and he uses the pursuit of excellence to progress us. Without excellence life would be rather ordinary. Excelling is not competition but rather it means being the best you that you can be.